Haven’t posted a DVD update in a while, I just got these 2 in the mail today.

I’ve made plenty of Christmas Horror gifs to post in December :)

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Look what arrived this morning! watching now.

I love this cover art/slip.

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October 1st! and so it begins.

Here’s what’s on my viewing schedule so far(and a cat), whats on yours?

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Finally Cabin in the woods is released and I quickly find out the discs have been recalled due to freezing/skipping issues. But it doesn’t matter because my blu-ray player is broken and won’t play it anyway :D

*monumental sigh*

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This just in… [REC] 3: Genesis Blu-ray with a beautiful slip cover ♥

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Bought a few new DVD’s. Notice the Near Dark: Twilight Edition, because who would buy a great vampire movie unless it looked like twilight?

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New DVDs!

I’ve heard bad things about Diary of the Dead but it was like £3 for the limited edition steelbook, worth it.

And I’ll admit it, I liked Paranormal Activity 3 a lot.

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Wow, What a movie. Pieces is absurd, stupid, gory and downright bizarre yet completely enjoyable.

"The killer is someone that is either on or near the campus!" HA!

The ending totally caught me off guard too.

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This UK cover art made me throw up in my mouth a little bit, the US cover is so good!

Oh well, still looking forward to watching this again :)

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