New additions to the collection! I splashed out on some Arrow releases I’ve been eyeing for a while.

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I got my Re-animator Steelbook yesterday, It’s glorious… and shiny, so sorry about the glare :P

The artwork is by one of my favourite artists Graham Humphreys if you’re interested.

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I pre-ordered a sweet Limited Edition Re-Animator Blu-Ray Steelbook and picked up a few bargains to add to my collection. I haven’t seen The Horde or Freaks before.

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What should I watch? The only DVD’s I have that I haven’t seen are Driller Killer, Interview with a Vampire or Cats Eye?

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Haven’t posted a DVD update in a while, I just got these 2 in the mail today.

I’ve made plenty of Christmas Horror gifs to post in December :)

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Look what arrived this morning! watching now.

I love this cover art/slip.

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October 1st! and so it begins.

Here’s what’s on my viewing schedule so far(and a cat), whats on yours?

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Finally Cabin in the woods is released and I quickly find out the discs have been recalled due to freezing/skipping issues. But it doesn’t matter because my blu-ray player is broken and won’t play it anyway :D

*monumental sigh*

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This just in… [REC] 3: Genesis Blu-ray with a beautiful slip cover ♥

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Bought a few new DVD’s. Notice the Near Dark: Twilight Edition, because who would buy a great vampire movie unless it looked like twilight?

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